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From the President

Under the theme "Solution by Chemistry" to contribute to a comfortable and better quality of life

The NIPPON GOHSEI Group continues to pursue its management principle, "Aiming to create new value through chemical-based technology, and contribute to the realization of a comfortable and better quality of life," to be a corporation with global presence.

NIPPON GOHSEI has been expanding its business centering on synthetic resin products, such as "Gohsenol"(polyvinyl alcohol / PVOH), "OPLFilm"(PVOH film for LCD), "Soarnol"(EVOH), and "Coponyl"(acrylic copolymer for pressure sensitive adhesive), as its current mainstay products. NIPPON GOHSEI’s products are used in a wide range of fields including general industrial materials, food packaging materials, information electronics materials, optical materials, and intermediates of medicine and agrichemicals. The ratio of overseas sales has exceeded 50%.

NIPPON GOHSEI Group is currently pursuing the mid-term management plan "NICHIGO 20." We could not achieve the goals of the previous management plan. However, with various decisions made during the period, we consider that a foundation that will lead us to the future has been established. We believe that the decisions will contribute to profitability improvements in the NIPPON GOHSEI Group in the future. We make collective efforts of the Group to achieve the goals of FY2020 by steadily implementing the three basic policies of "To enhance business portfolio," "To strengthen competitive advantage," "To further enhance credibility with society."

NIPPON GOHSEI was established in 1927, and it succeeded in manufacturing acetic acid by organic synthesis for the first time in Japan in the following year. Since then, NIPPON GOHSEI has been expanding business centering on acetic acid derivatives. We are promoting the "Solution by Chemistry"campaign to provide service for markets that are unique to the NIPPON GOHSEI Group while pursuing the conventional campaigns "Deepening the core technology,""Merging and complexing the existing technologies,"and "Proactive challenges to new regions."

The NIPPON GOHSEI Group will continue business activities with the highest priority attached to the environment and safety, contributions for the co-existence and co-prosperity of the Group with the local community, activities for the international community in compliance with the law, and the reduction of environmental impact resulting from its business activities, thus fulfilling its corporate social responsibility.

President Katsumi Kimura