Corporate Social Responsibility

Basic Environmental & Safety Policy

≪ Principles ≫

We have designated preserving the environment and securing safety
as our most important business challenges,
to realize a beautiful and bright future filled with green, in every one of our business activities.

≪ Policies ≫

1. We observe laws and the rules of society to gain society’s trust.

2. We aim for zero work related injuries and accidents.

3. We reduce the burden on the environment, and work on the prevention of global warming
   and the preservation of the natural environment.

4. We develop human resources who can proactively drive " the Environment and Safety."

5. We value communication with local communities and try to live together with society.

6. We promote the development of technologies and products that can improve
   " the Environment and Safety."

7. We all join the above activities together.

Environmental and Quality Management System

NIPPON GOHSEI strives for continuous improvement, based on its Responsible Care standards and using the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle. As part of their activities, all our locations have ISO14001 and ISO9001 certification for their environment and product quality management systems, using these as tools to raise environmental performance and improve product safety.

Image:Environmental and Quality Management System

Our RC activity organization

The decision-making body for the environment and safety (RC) is the Environment and Safety Meeting, with the president as chairman. This meeting decides on issues such as the company-wide direction for RC, how to strengthen environmental management, and risk management.
The Environment and Safety Committee is chaired by a board member in charge of Environment, Safety and Quality Assurance Department, which is composed of the chiefs from RC sections in each business unit. The committees meet twice yearly to discuss company-wide targets, action plans and results. The decisions taken here are executed in each location, expanding our community-based RC activities.

Image:Our RC activity organization