Corporate Social Responsibility

Basic Stance of CSR

The NIPPON GOHSEI Group strives for its corporate management, based on the principles of "compliance with the law and its spirit," "contribution to society," and "becoming a trusted corporation."
Individual employees behave in accordance with corporate compliance and ethics, work on the realization of the management principles and vision, and aim at making the company reliable and desirable for their families, friends and widely society.

Image:Basic Stance of CSR


We think of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) of the NIPPON GOHSEI Group as practicing Management Principles and Vision and contributing to the solution of social problems through our business. Based upon the acknowledgment that "CSR is the very nature of business management,", we aim at our sustainable development by creation and supply of new values to meet demands of stakeholders by contribution to problem solutions.

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Ethics Code

<Basic Policy for Assurance of CSR Management>

ecognizing that each of us is a member of the international society, and based upon our Management Principles and Vision, we will observe all laws and regulations, norms and rules, observe the corporate ethics and will perform our social responsibilities as members of a company. When an affair arises that contravenes our Ethics Code, the top person of the management himself/herself will try to find the cause and prevent the recurrence of such an affair, promptly and correctly disclose information to the outside, perform accountability and will render stringent dispositions to the responsible persons including himself/herself.

<Norm of Actions: Model and Sample of the Standards for Actions and Judgments>

Our Norm of Actions shows our basic mind in observing the Ethics Code and concrete actions in practicing our daily activities, and also shows 15 main actions including the supply of useful products, fair transactions, protection of the environment, communication, contribution to the society, esteem of human rights, and the severance of relations with anti-social forces.

System of Gathering and Checking of CSR REPORTS

The CSR Reports Bureau gathers concrete CSR activities promoted by various meetings and committees. A system is formed by which the President, Audit & Supervisory Board Members and each department properly check the results of the activities, and transmit the results to the society. The members of each committee are properly selected from each department in response to challenges.

Image:System of Gathering and Checking of CSR REPORTS