Corporate Social Responsibility

Together with Employees

Perspectives of human resource development

We understand that human resources are management resources essential for the growth of companies and we make various efforts for staff development and the creation of a better working environment so that every employee can grow and achieve his/her goal of self-actualization.
In order to adapt to further globalization in the future, we focus on securement and development of people who are able to adapt to such a future.

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Utilizing the overseas short-term linguistic study program Ms.A.K

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In January 2015, I started a three-month training program at an ESL school on the island of Cebu in the Philippines. A day there began with a Voca test at 7 a.m. followed by classes that started at 8 a.m. and ended at 5 p.m., consisting of 8 periods of 50 minutes each. At night, I desperately reviewed the lessons and did that day's homework, as well as also making preparations for the next day's Voca test.
Then, I continued to repeat exactly the same kind of day, in which I was soaked with English. All of the teachers were kind, and of course they were demanding sometimes; they supported me to the best of their abilities in improving my English skills. I felt fresh from all my experiences, such as living in a different country, meeting new people, and communicating with them. The greatest experience in such circumstances that I was able to have was that I could rediscover and face Japan, our company, and its products using English.
I think that understanding and speaking English is certainly an advantage and a necessary skill for further globalization in the future. On top of that, I feel that the most important thing is to continually understand the goals and purposes of the tasks and make efforts with a high level of consciousness.

Models of required human resources

●Employees who keep improving themselves and  feel worthwhile at our company as a place for  self-actualization
●Employees who have belief, remain encouraged in  difficulties, and maintain enthusiasm
●Employees who are willing to make efforts to proactively learn the partner countries'language,  history, cultural points, and other factors through experiences to work globally

Diversity and work-life balance

We promote successful activities of various human resources and work on a broad range of supports for employees in various life stages such as childbirth, child care and nursing care so that they can make a balance between work and life at home.

Promotion of senior senior activities

By introducing our 65-year-old retirement system in 2008, we are trying to carry on a great deal of experience, knowledge and technique of skilled and experienced workers and make efforts to create a workplace where capable and motivated employees can work actively for the long term.

Employment of those with disabilities

We improve the workplace environment so that employees can use their ability and we also make efforts to accept employment of those with disabilities at each workplace for social participation and vocational independence of such people.

Promotion of women in the workplace

We expand the range of job titles that women can hold actively at various workplaces, and we make efforts to create an environment where every employee can make use of their own experience and ability regardless of gender. We aggressively work on appointing female employees to management posts and middle management posts.

Support of work-life balance

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We make efforts to create an environment where employees who need to make a critical balance between work and life can work comfortably by giving them care and discretion about working hours, such as a system of child care and family care leave, a system of short-time employment, flex time and half-holidays.

Using the childcare leave and the short-time working system Mrs.A.K

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I returned back to my job after taking maternity leave in 2012 and using the short-time working system the following year. Changing the workplace was refleshing, but at that time I had to leave from my work many times because my child frequently fell sick.
Finally, just when my child’s condition became stable and I settled into a new job, I became pregnant with my second child. Although I was very happy, I felt a little anxious when I reported it to the company.
But my boss accepted it readily, and also said," I hope that you’ll work hard again by having visions of your future career by clearly considering‘ what you can do’ and‘ what you should do’ when you come back and are settled in." Then, I took time off without worry, and it became my motivation to work even more eagerly when I was back.
A company’s creating an appropriate environment is necessary for work-life balance, but I feel that consciousness of our own is most important. Although work while raising two children is still unknown world to me, I’d like to keep my motivation for work strong and high.

Enlightenment of human rights

We work on enlightenment and education of human rights to establish a corporate culture that will not accept any discrimination. We also work on periodic implementation of courses for top management, managerial staffs, and calls for slogans of enlightenment of human rights.

Mental healthcare

Image:Acquisition rates of paid holidays

We proactively work on healthcare of the employees while the number of people suffering from mental disease tends to increase in Japan. We implement periodic trainings such as a "Self-care Course" for all employees and a "Line-care Course" for managerial staffs by lecturers, and provide telephone counseling and a counseling room, which are run by specialists.