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1927 Established Nippon Gohsei Kagaku Kenkyusho  
Products commercialized through research and development
Photo:Products commercialized through research and development
1928 Acetic acid: Succeeded in industrialization of the first organic composition in Japan
1936 Vinyl acetate monomer (VAM) and vinyl acetate resin using the acetylene method
1949 Gohsenol (PVOH: polyvinyl alcohol)
1960 Keten, Diketen, their derivatives and Glyoxal
1963 Coponyl (acrylic copolymer)
1964 Hi-Selon (water-soluble PVOH film)
1969 VAM by use of ethylene-based method
Soarblen (EVA: ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer resin)
Gohselac (unsaturated polyester)
Specialty grades of PVOH
1972 Soarnol (EVOH: ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer resin)
1980 Bovlon (bi-axially oriented PVOH film)
1981 Nichigo-Polyester (high molecular weight saturated polyester resin)
1986 Imidazoles and their derivatives
1987 Valproic acid
1989 Shikoh (UV and EB curable urethane acrylate resin)
2003 OPLFilm (PVOH film for LCD devices)
2008 Nichigo G-polymer (amorphous vinyl-alcohol resin)


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