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Centeral Research Laboratory

Address : Ibaraki, Osaka prefecture

The Centeral Research Laboratory moved to Ibaraki,Osaka prefecture, in March 1971 as a nucleus of product developments for the Nippon Gohsei Group, and currently works on quality design of PVOH or EVOH resins, pressure sensitive adhesives, etc.;technical support services for customers; development of new products;basic research for strategic new products, etc.

Photo:Centeral Research Laboratory

Processing-Technique Development Center

Address : Kurashiki, Okayama prefecture

The Processing-Technique Development Center was founded in December 1997 as a source of the Nippon Gohsei Group's resin processing technology, and now makes efforts for development of prpcessing technology and quality design of resin products from a customer's perspective.

Photo:Processing-Technique Development Center

Functional Film Development Center

Address : Ogaki, Gifu prefecture

The Functional Film Development Center was set up in December 2005 for the purpose of promoting development of PVOH films, and presently deals with both technology development and quality improvement of PVOH films.

Photo:Functional Film Development Center


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