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Cosmetic Ingredients

GOHSENOL™ EG is high quality Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVOH) obtained after eliminating impurities through purification process, conforming to the standard of cosmetic ingredients (Japanese Standards of Quasi-drug Ingredients).


Chemical Structure

Chemical Structure

Product list

GOHSENOL™ EG granule type

Grades Degree of hydrolysis
Viscosity*1, *2
EG-05C 86.5-89.0 4.2-6.3
EG-40C 34.4-51.6

*1. 4% solution, under 20 deg. C

*2. Indicated as JSQI (Japanese Standards of Quasi-drug Ingredients) value.

Standard conforming to

Regulatory Information

<Certificates/ Statements>

TSE/BSE Free  Radiation Free  1,4-dioxiane Free  Conflict mineral(Sn, Mn, Ta, WO3 etc.) Free
Gluten Free  Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) Free

Major Applications

Lotion, skin milk, cream, whitening cream, mask, makeup items, hair treatment, hair styling agent, treatment, hair care product