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Sodium Diacetate

Sodium diacetate is sodium acetate with slight flavor of acetic acid. It is used as a sour agent and pH regulator. Sodium diacetate is our trade mark, categorized as composition of sodium acetate (anhydrous) and glacial acetic acid.

Composition: 58% of sodium acetate (anhydrous), 42% of glacial acetic acid

What is sour agent?

Sour agent is used to add or control sour taste, or to balance the food taste comprehensively.
Sodium diacetate can control pH as well as taste.

Representative food

Powder seasoning for sushi rice, sour-taste seasoning, powdery soup for instant noodle, potato salad, etc.

Product Specification

Item Unit Standard value
Appearance White crystalline powder
Acetic acid content 40.0 - 43.0
Water content Not more than 2.0
Salt Not more than 0.011
Sulfate Not more than 0.01
Readily oxidizable component min Not less than 30
Arsenic ㎍/g Not more than 2.0
Heavy metal ㎍/g Not more than 10
Solution Colorless and clear

※Note : In-house specification is set as composition of sodium acetate (anhydrous) and glacial acetic acid.


20kg/package, craft paper bag with polyethylene inner layer