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PVOH Film Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVOH) Film

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Water-Soluble Film Hi-Selon


Packages for powdered chemicals

  • By packaging powdered agricultural chemicals in a Hi-Selon package and immersing the entire package in water, they can be dissolved and used in sprays without actually handling them.
  • This eliminates the time and effort spent on measuring out the necessary amount of chemical in the field, as well as promotes worker safety.
  • In addition to agricultural chemicals, Hi-Selon is also used for packaging deodorants, disinfectants, detergents, and concrete admixtures.
  • Some grades provide high solvent resistance for use in packaging liquid chemicals and detergents.

Printing on the curved surfaces of molded objects

  • Hydraulic printing technology allows printing on curved surfaces, for greater freedom of design.

Base material for wigs, embroidery, etc.

  • Hi-Selon is used as a temporary base material for creating embroidery pieces and wigs. In the case of embroidery, lace-like or net-like designs can be made by embroidering the design on a Hi-Selon base material and washing away the base material at the end.

Hygienic material for laundry bags, etc.

  • By using hot water-soluble laundry bags, sheets and clothing can be washed without actually touching them, to reduce the risk of contamination or infection.

Film for greening, tree-planting, seeding, and other agricultural purposes

  • By sprinkling grass seedlings onto a Hi-Selon film and laying the film over a golf course or slope, grass can be grown uniformly over the respective area.
  • Using such seeding films to cultivate agricultural crops (Japanese radish, onions, carrots, etc.) can save labor.

Other applications

  • With some creativity, Hi-Selon can be used in boundless applications.