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PVOH Film Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVOH) Film

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Water-Soluble Film Hi-Selon



  • Hi-Selon is available in a wide range of grades, from those that are soluble in cold water of around 5°C, to those that are resistant to cold water but are soluble in hot water of around 60°C.
Types Properties
C-type Soluble in cold water of around 5°C: Includes types designed to provide outstanding solubility and types designed to provide strength.
S-type Soluble in cold water of around 5°C: Provides superior alkali resistance.
M-type Soluble in hot water of around 40°C
H-type Soluble in hot water of around 60°C

Heat-sealing performance

  • Hi-Selon's high heat-sealing performance can be applied to producing and processing all types of bags.
  • Superior strength and elasticity makes Hi-Selon ideal for use as a packaging film.

Pasting on other materials

  • Hi-Selon can be pasted onto nonwoven materials and water-disintegrable papers.


  • Hi-Selon allows clear printing using gravure printing machines, for greater freedom of design.
  • It also provides a breakthrough in the technical bottleneck of printing on curved surfaces, which is now possible with hydraulic transfer technology.

Solvent resistance

  • Hi-Selon dissolves in water, but it is resistant to most organic solvents and chemicals.


  • When temporary water resistance is needed, a waterproof coating can be effectively applied over the Hi-Selon film.
  • An adhesive coating can also be applied.

Static resistance

  • Hi-Selon is hydrophilic, so it is more resistant to static electricity compared to other plastic films, and provides excellent workability.

Gas barrier performance

  • Hi-Selon breathes water vapor, but creates a barrier against oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide at low humidity. It also preserves fragrances.