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PVOH Film Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVOH) Film

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Water-Soluble Film Hi-Selon


1. Basic Properties of Hi-Selon

Type Film thickness
Complete dissolution
temperature (°C)
Tensile strength (MPa) Elongation (%)
C-type 17–60 2–5 26–30 170–380
S-type 20–80 2–5 32–51 170–380
M-type 20–22 25–32 26–32 170–380
H-type 25–32 51–60 36–59 170–380

*Measurement conditions: 20°C, 65% RH

*The above values are values measured by Nippon Gohsei, and are not standard values.

2. Relationship among water temperature, film thickness and dissolution speed

  • Hi-Selon is available in various types, from those that are soluble in cold water to those that are soluble in hot water.
  • Dissolution speed varies according to water temperature, film thickness, and dissolution method.

3. Changes in solubility when packaging alkali substances

  • Hi-Selon S-400 is recommended for packaging alkali substances, as it has a low insolubilization tendency.

4. Heat-sealing temperature and strength (C-200)

*Sealing temperature varies according to film type, moisture content, and type of heat sealer.

  • Hi-Selon can be easily heat-sealed.

*Hi-Selon usage precautions

  • Hi-Selon is hydrophilic. Do not use or store the film in high temperature and humidity. Use Hi-Selon packaging machines in a humidity controlled room.
  • When not in use, tightly wrap Hi-Selon film rolls in polyethylene film. Do not leave them exposed. Hi-Selon film rolls should be left inside a temperature and humidity controlled room for 24 hours before they are mounted on a packaging machine.
  • Preliminary tests should be conducted before using Hi-Selon, because insolubilization may occur depending on the content of the Hi-Selon package.