From Current Needs into the Future

Nichigo-POLYESTER recreates the fields of high-tech adhesives, coating binders, and resin modification.

The NIPPON GOHSEI's high molecular weight saturated polyester resins are born from advanced polymer synthesis technologies. Nichigo-POLYESTER displays excellent adhesive performance with plastic films and moldings including PET, polycarbonate, and vinyl chloride, and metals including aluminum and copper. Used in tandem with isocyanate, melamine, and epoxy resins and other hardening agents, they offer increased heat resistance, solvent resistance, and hardness. NIPPON GOHSEI offers the optimum line-up for all customer needs, including amorphous solvent-soluble, crystalline hot melt, water-soluble, and special types.

Superior Adhesion

Nichigo-POLYESTER displays excellent adhesion with woven and nonwoven materials, lastic films and moldings, and metals including aluminum, copper, and steel.

Superior Durability

Denaturing through mixture with other resins, and the addition of hardening agents such as isocyanate, melamine, and epoxy resins, increases heat resistance, hardness, and toughness.

Superior Quality

Superior flexibility, weather resistance, and electrical properties, in addition to excellent hygienic properties. Nichigo-POLYESTER displays almost no age-related changes, and maintains stable quality over the long-term.


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