Special Type

For Adhesion

Strongly adhesive polyester-based adhesives which do not cause corrosion in metals. Resistant to heat degradation, they can be used in a wide range of temperatures, and display extremely high heat resistance and durability. They offer strong adhesion with a range of materials including polycarbonate, PET, acrylics, and metals, and display particularly strong adhesion following heat seisitization.

Applications & Characteristics

  • Adhesive for heat resistance
  • Acid-free
  • Strong adhesion with thin coating
  • Plasticizer resistance


Technical data

Grade Melt viscosity (mPa・s/25℃) Solid Content(%) Tg(℃) Hydroxyl value(mgKOH/g) Acid value(mgKOH/g) Adhesive properties Refractive Index Characteristics
Adhesion(N/25mm) Holding power Ball tack (Ball no.)
23℃ After 30 min 60℃ After 24 hr After hot pressing
80℃ 100℃
LP-050S50TO 6500 50 10 <12 <2 <1 30 36 <2 1.53 Heat-sensitive adhesive type
SNT 4500 60 ー15 6~10 <1 8 17 20 <2 1.53 Heat-sensitive adhesive type
NP-110S50EO 5000 50 ー50 3~5 <1 10 13 - 8 1.49 Pressure-sensitive adhesive type, Standard grade
(Development Grade)
10000 45 -25 1~4 <1 17 23 - 5 1.50 Pressure-sensitive adhesive type + High resistance + Strong adhesion with thin coating

for OCA

Blister resistant, prevent from peeling caused by outgas from plastic substrate.

Applications & Characteristics

  • Acid-free
  • High refrective index
  • level difference conformable
  • blister resistant


Technical data

Solid Content
Acid value
Blister resistance test conditions:
Refractive Index Characteristics
23℃×24hr 85℃
NP-110S50EO 50 -50 <1 53.4 0.5 1.49 Pressure-sensitive adhesive type, Standard grade
(Development article)
55 -10 <1 44.7 16.2 1.52 Pressure-sensitive adhesive type (medium Tg), strong adhesion under high temperature and blister resistance
(Development article)
55 1 <1 9.6 23.2 1.53 Pressure-sensitive adhesive type (high Tg), strong adhesion under high temperature and blister resistance

For Molding

Thermoplastic saturated polyester elastomers combining the characteristics of rubber and plastic. These products offer excellent molding workability and heat and cold resistance. This type possesses numerous excellent properties, including toughness, resistance to bending fatigue, and high oil resistance and chemical resistance.


  • Wire coating
  • hydraulic hose
  • cushioning

For Permeable Films

This type is able to form non-porous films displaying both waterproof performance and water vapor permeability performance. These products offer both a high level of permeability and excellent water resistance. Flexible and displaying the elasticity of rubber, they are also heat sealable


  • Permeable clothing such as sportswear and gloves
  • industrial components such as heat exchange elements
  • medical and hygienic applications including adhesive medicated plasters
  • surgical garments and paper nappies

Testing Methods (Nichigo-POLYESTER)

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