Adhesive and Special Functional Resin Types

Adhesive Resin Type

Applications & Characteristics

  • Adhesives for optically clear films
  • masking films
  • special vanish,etc.



Technical data

Grade Resin properties Property Evaluation Formulation Adhesion properties Optical properties Characteristics & Applications
Adhesive thickness
Holding power
Ball Tack
Glass PC PMMA 0.07 92.9 Slide glass
UV-3630ID80 10000~26000 UV-3630ID80:
Isodecyl acrylate=100:35
175 25.8 13.4 22.4 NC 5 0.30 93.0 Medium viscosity
Diluted in 20% isodecyl acrylate
Optical clear adhesive
UV-3635ID80 1500~5500 UV-3635ID80:
Isodecyl acrylate=100:15
175 0.5 8.8 11.7 NC 5 0.38 92.9 Medium viscosity
Deluted in 20% isodecyl Acrylate
Optical clear adhesive
UV-3640PE80 30000~60000 UV-3640PE80:
Phenoxy ethyl acylate=100:45
175 15.0 14.6 10.0 NC 13 0.41 92.6 High viscosity, Tacky surface
Deluted in 20% phenoxy ethyl acrylate
Optical clear adhesive

Good adhesion to substrates


Technical data

Grade Viscosity
Substrate Pencil hardness (PET) Adhesion Properties* Characteristics & Applications
Initial Heat resistance Hydrothermal resistance Water resistance
UT-4619 1000~3000 Al (Metal) H - - Adhesion to metal substrate, Deluted in 40% Toluene / butyl acetate
boiling water ×1hr
UV-5501 100~300 Untreated PET H Adhesion to untreated PET, Deluted in 60% ethyl acetate / butyl acetate
80℃×100hr. 60℃×90%R.H.
40℃ ion-exchange water ×72hr
UT-5181 300~1000 Glass 2H - - Adhesion to glass substrate, Diluted in 60% ethyl acetate / butyl acetate

*: Excellent adhesion

Bendability coating resin

Technical data

Excellent vendability with good hardness, transmittance and optical characteristics.

Grade Viscosity(mPa・s/60℃) Pencil hardness Adhesion to plastics Bendability
Scratch resistance Characteristics
Treated PET ABS PC
UT-5670 10,000~20,000 2H 4mmφ SW 500g
Flexible hard coating,
Net volume: 100%

*: Excellent adhesion

Antifoling coating resin

Technical data

Excellent fouling prevention and easy removal.
High hardness and scratch resistance.

Grade Viscosity
Pencil hardness Adhesion to plastics Contact Angle Removability Characteristics
Treated PET PMMA PC Water n-Hexadecane Permanent ink Fingerprints
UV-AF201 <100 2H 98° 34° Excellent
Anti-fouling hard coatings, Diluted 50% in butyl acetate

*: Excellent adhesion

Testing Methods (SHIKOH)

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