Hard Type

Applications & Characteristics

  • Hard coatings for plastic
  • optical films
  • metalizing materials
  • building materials,etc.


Grade Information

Technical data

Diverse lineup with various characteristics such as good olefin adhesion and slight adhesion.

Grade Resin properties Properties after UV curing Characteristics & Applications
Molecular weight
Oligomer functionality Pencil hardness (PET) Shrinkage ratio (%) Adhesion to plasitic*
UV-1700B 1400~2000 2000 10 4H 9.0 Excellent hardness
Hard coating on plastic
UV-6300B 2000~4000 3700 7 2H~3H 7.3 Stain resistance, Crack resistance
Hard coating on optical films
UV-7550B 10000~15000 2400 3 F 3.8 Weather resistance, Thermal resistance, Stain resistance
Building materials
UV-7600B 2000~4000 1400 6 3H 6.3 High hardness, Low shrinkage
Hard coating on optical films
UV-7605B 800~1400 1100 6 3H~4H 7.7 Abrasion resistance, Alcohol solubility Hard coating on optical films Hard coating on platic
UV-7610B 7000~27000 11000 9 3H 8.4 High molecular weight
Hard coating on metalizing materials
Hard coating on plastic
UV-7620EA 70~270(20℃) 4100 9 3H - Adhesion to hard-to-adhere materials
Tack-free surface
Diluted in 35% ethyl acetate
UV-7630B 3000~7000 2200 6 3H 6.4 Crack resistance, Good toughness,
Good balance of hardness and flexibility
UV-7640B 2000~5000 1500 6~7 3H~4H 6.6 High hardness, Low shrinkage, Abrasion resistance
Hard coating on optical films
UV-7650B 3000~10000 2300 4~5 2H 5.3 Excellent flexibility
Hard coating on plastic

* ◎: Excellent adhesion ○: Good adhesion according to formulation △: Poor adhesion

Testing Methods (SHIKOH)

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